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Write a weekly memo (example and instructions attached). The sources needed will either be attached or the link will be included here in the directions.

Example weekly memo:

  • References all assigned readings/films for both Monday and Wednesday lectures
  • Summarizes important concepts from the readings/films
  • Uses evidence from the readings/films and includes specific citations (ex. page numbers)
  • Includes original analysis and personal reflection

Optional: you may include questions about the readings/films, content from lectures,
content from materials outside of class (ex. news articles), or criticisms of the readings/films

Oct 12 (legislative Monday): Disasters and Environmental Justice

  • Read: Heat Wave: A Social Autopsy of Disaster in Chicago (Intro, Ch 1, 2)
  • Read: Dorceta Taylor, “The Rise of the Environmental Justice Paradigm”

Oct 13: Sandy, Climate Change, and the Future New York City

  • Read: Eric Klinenberg, “Adaptation” and “Manufacturing Nature”
  • Read: Keith Gessen, “New York’s First Climate Adaptation Battle is Here”
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