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The Stevens Family Case Study document (given in the resources) offers details of the Stevens family. For this assignment, imagine you are going to be presenting best practice family interventions for the Stevens family to the agency you work for. Your team will focus on one of the family members as the primary client within the family system and then develop a plan for a family intervention based on your client system. Your team will also develop a PowerPoint presentation that will provide evidence-based practices for engagement, assessment, interventions, and evaluations, based on your diagnosis for the selected individual. Later, in a webinar in Unit 7, your team will actually deliver the presentation.

Identify the family member you have chosen as your client and include that individual’s behavior or mental health disorder, including the DSM-5 diagnosis criteria.
Discuss theories of human behavior and the social environment in advanced generalist practice that the research demonstrates as best practices in working with families with a focus on your chosen client.
Discuss any dimensions of diversity that would be addressed in your work with the family, including the influence of relationships, intervention techniques, and technologies.
Apply theoretical frameworks and best practice interventions that you would apply to this family system.
Describe any ethical issues that social workers need to be aware of while working with family systems. Include references.
Develop a well-formulated and concise family treatment plan that includes how you will:
Apply leadership, technology, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills to actively engage in advanced generalist practice with families.
Discuss the assessment process, including any assessment instruments that would be used and how you would assess and analyze capacities, strengths, and needs of the families, groups, organizations, and communities.
Summarize what evidence-based interventions you could apply to this family system.

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