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Describe in detail the various theoretical and philosophical underpinnings of corrections.
Discuss in detail how different theories and philosophies of corrections have affected both policy and practice.
Detail the history of corrections from the first jail to modern correctional practices. Be sure to address changes that have taken within the U.S. context.
Explain the changes that have taken place for women in corrections from early to mid-nineteenth century prisons.
Discuss different forms of correctional punishment from just deserts to deterrence and beyond.
Detail different types of sentencing structures and how they are applied.
How might the various approaches to correctional punishment and how they relate to different sentencing structures affect disparities in corrections?
What is the difference between jails and prisons both in form and function and how does this impact the experiences of the individuals incarcerated in each of the institutions?
How have incarceration rates and the use of incarceration changed over the past several decades? What impact has this had on crime and the criminal justice system as a whole?
Given the high cost of mass incarceration, what are some potential cost saving strategies that could be implemented to help reduce the burden of corrections on taxpayers?

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