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Organizations today understand the vital importance of technology that supports the effective and efficient collaboration of a global and cross-cultural workforce. Companies are moving toward organizational designs where the workforce is centered on project-based teams. Organizational leaders are focused on ensuring that the technology available in the workplace supports team collaboration and the workspace.

You work for an organization that over the past 7 years has expanded into both Canada and India. During a recent leadership meeting, the need for an updated employee vacation policy was discussed in light of the fact that the organization now has employees working in global markets. Imagine that you have been assigned as the team leader of a newly created team assigned to review the current company vacation policy and provide recommendations for updating the policy. You have determined that the first thing that you should do as the leader of this newly minted team is to build a cohesive team. Once you have watched the video (Communication within Teams), write a minimum 3-page analysis that answers the following questions and supports your plan for creating a cohesive and productive team.

Your plan should identify 3 specific challenges and provide strategies from the questions answered that support your plan to address each challenge. Each point should be 2–3 paragraphs in length.

Watch the following LinkedIn video: Communication With Teams

Answer the following questions:

As the team leader, what action would you take first in setting expectations with your team?
What are common process roles when considering high-performance teams?
When using the responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed (RACI) matrix to identify all of the individuals on a team and their role, which role has the authority for go or no go?
What is not an example of trust that can be observed in high-performing teams?
What do you call the difference between what you say and what you do?
When scheduling team meetings, what should you try to avoid?
Which example in the video best follows the situation, behavior, and impact (SBI) framework?
What is the C in LESCANT, and why is it important?
Why is LESCANT important when working in international settings?
What action is most important when working with a virtual team?

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