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What issues or concerns are featured in the writing of Phillis Wheatley? Analyze
her poems in light of major themes or issues they features (i.e. religion, art, slavery,
women’s roles) or compare one of more features of her poetry to the work of another
poet. (i.e. “While both Phillis Wheatley and Anne Bradstreet represent important early
American poetic voices, they share complex similarities and differences in their treatment
of women, faith, and art.”)
All essays will be research-based, with at least FIVE sources in addition to the text or texts that are the focus of
the essay’s study. At least three of these sources must be print-based sources; this includes NCLive sources
from vendors such as EBSCOHost, PROQuest, and Netlibrary, as well as other print sources that are
electronically acquired.
Articles from Wikipedia, encyclopediae, or other general reference tools ARE NOT acceptable sources.
Sources also CANNOT include other student essays or websites, sample essays, so-called “free essays”
online, and materials such as Sparknotes, Cliffsnotes, or other “shortcut” study guides.
All sources must be documented in MLA format on a works cited page.
v The essay must have a clear, argumentative thesis presented in the introduction. The introduction should
also put forth the author(s) and text title(s) the essay will analyze.



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