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Develop and effectively communicate an organizational change communication plan, addressing change management strategies and their impact on organizational outcomes. You will submit a completed “MGT-325: Developing an Organizational Change Communications Plan” template that will include a communications plan outline and a sample communication to your most important external stakeholder.

Part 1: Outlining the Communications Plan

For the company discussed and research gathered in Part 1 and 2 develop an organizational change plan, and communicate it to relevant stakeholders. You will accomplish this by first composing a bulleted outline (750-1,000 words total) that covers the following sections with prompting questions that have been updated from when you initially used this tool in Topic 5. Notice how these various sections relate to your three-part plan: summary, findings, and recommendations, as well as the connection to the ADKAR model you first learned about in Topic 2.


Think “Awareness” and “Desire” in creating the summary.

The summary should address the following:

Key Stakeholders
Key Activities
Communications Team
Communication Goals
A brief overview of your findings of Part 1 &2.

Think “Knowledge” and “Ability” when collecting and summarizing observations and findings.

The findings should address the following:

Key Messages and Stories
Target Personas
Communication Channels and Techniques
Communications Budget

Think “Reinforcement” when identifying next steps and success measurements.

The recommendations should address the following:

Tracking/Measuring Results
Two Proactive Steps or Sacrifices
Techniques, Channels, and Technologies
Include a minimum of five sources in your references list that you used to complete the “MGT-325: Developing an Organizational Change Communications Plan” template. No new sources are required for this assignment, though at least one should come from the Wall Street Journal.

Part 2: Creating External Stakeholder Communication

Using the second part of the “MGT-325: Developing an Organizational Change Communications Plan” template, create a brief statement for external stakeholders on the change to take place and the desired end state by working through the following process steps.

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