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Article on chapter 12 – text: Think social problems by carl Pearson in 2013
How does this article relate to the chapter discussion, lecture notes, and/or the Carl Think: Social Problems text? Your articles need to relate to information in this course. Please be specific in how you think it relates to the material in the course. For example, what concepts, terms, examples, etc. does it relate to from the book and/or notes?

Who is hurt by this problem? Who stands to gain from this problem? This is based on your opinion. There are really no definite right or wrong answers here; I am looking to see if you really thought about the problem and the consequences of these issues. If you do not feel anyone gains from a particular problem that is fine, you just need to explain your answer.

What can be done, and by whom, to solve or alleviate this problem? Once again there are no definite right or wrong answers here; I want you to think of some things that can be done to solve the social problem you are discussing. If you do not think it can be solved, that is fine. You will just need to give me some ways you could start the process of lessening this social problem.

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