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Prior to beginning this assignment, read Tim Goeglein – Part 1 and Tim Goeglein – Part 2. Goeglien discusses the attacks on Christianity during a live presentation at Liberty in 2013. The threats he addresses have not only become a reality but intensified. Goeglein highlights several constitutional principles which have been violated and have led to a decline in moral and virtuous behavior. As noted in Module 1 Week 1, for liberty to survive, we need virtuous leaders. You may also find it beneficial to review The Constitutional Christian.
Using the information in the presentations, and current issues in America today, you will write a 3 – 5 page essay in current APA format. Your essay will have an introduction, conclusion, and level headings. It will include a title page, a reference page, at least three additional sources not more than six months old, and at least three biblical references with their complete text. The additional sources may be a news article, a journal article, a recent court case, or similar current event. Note the author and date of publication. Be sure to include the video presentations and Bible in your reference page. These do not count as “additional sources”. Wikipedia and similar sources are not acceptable. Do not simply write parts of Goeglein’s presentation verbatim.
As a reminder, collaborating with other students on this assignment or borrowing answers from other students’ work is considered plagiarism and will be treated as such.

  1. According to Tim Goeglein, what was President Reagan’s outlook on America? How would you compare Reagan’s outlook with that of the current president? Compare or contrast three specific areas of governance.
  2. Tim Goeglein discusses three major attacks on the Christian foundations of America. What are these major attacks? Provide at least one biblical reference, with the complete text of the verse, applicable to each attack. Name a Supreme Court decision which legitimized the attack and when it was rendered.
  3. Select one of the attacks on the Christian foundations of our nation discussed in Question 2 and go into further detail: discuss which commandment or constitutional principle the attack violates, and the basis for the case. The attacks on Christianity in America continue to this day. Discuss three court cases, not more than five years old, that either reinforce the attack or demonstrate a fight to change direction.
  4. At the conclusion of his presentation, Tim Goeglein discusses the job of the Christian in light of these attacks. Discuss whether or not you believe the country is moving in the right direction and how you as a Christian can help others understand how to change our culture to glorify God?
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