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Training Module

You are to write a training module on a work/life program of your choosing (as discussed in class). You need to pick a work/life program, such as job sharing or compressed work weeks, or a training module on how to ask for a work/life program, or a training module for managers on helping employees manage their work/life boundary. This list is for example only, you may choose other work/life program topics.
the assignment is a description and plan of how you would train an audience on the subject, in addition to presenting an outline of the content.
Introduction: You should answer the following questions in an introduction to me (the instructor).  All other information below (the training module information) should be addressed to your target audience. (15 points total)
• Why did you choose the subject? (5)
• Who the program is designed for (target audience)? (5)
• What you would hope to accomplish with the program?(5)
Training Module:
1. Course Syllabus (a syllabus is a summary of the training presentation)
Description of training (10 pts): State what the topic is and a description of the training you are delivering. State the time period for the training (one day, two hours every week, etc.)
Purpose of training (10 pts) WHY are you conducting this training? This is similar to what you hope to accomplish with the training.
Course objectives (10 pts) These are your objectives for the course. If you don’t know how to write objectives, you can search online for that, or refer to the objectives for this course in our syllabus. Please list three or four objectives. Objectives should start with “At the end of the training session, participants will be able to:” Use action verbs like “create” “develop” or “analyze.”
Course Outline (25 pts) In this section you outline the content of WHAT you will present in the training module. You should use references for the content but you do not need to cite them, only include them in the reference section. This needs to be presented in sufficient detail in an outline format. This is the information that you want to convey to your target audience.
2. Lesson Plan (20 points) In this section you detail HOW you will present the training module. This is a plan of the timing of your training presentation. You should include how long the program is, what activities you will do in each time slot, and how many participants you will include in the training session. For example, how long will you lecture? What activities would you have your audience do to illustrate/practice the content in your lecture?
3. Materials and Resources used and/or needed (5 pts—if none needed, it has to be stated) This includes the things that you will use during your training module presentation.

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