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Choose five (5) questions to write in your own words about out of the following. No less than two (2) pages of content, single-spaced. Use quotations around each of your selected questions. Take your TurnItIn score into consideration as well.

List five aspects of corporate or organizational culture.
Describe two workplace decisions that may be determined by corporate culture.
List some questions you could ask about a workplace that would start to give you a sense of its culture.
What are five ways that an organization may attempt to instill a culture through social conditioning?
In your own experience in a job or any organization, what’s an example of social conditioning that enforced the place’s culture?
In what ways can an ethically questionable organizational culture be challenged by outsiders? In what situations might one way be preferable to another?
What is an example of compliance, and an example of the failure of compliance, in a fish-selling business that openly values honesty?
What does a corporate ethics audit do and how does it do it?
What might a dress code tell you about an organization’s larger culture?
Why might a business install a grooming code?
Why might a utilitarian vision of the workplace and its values lead to an only partially enforced grooming code?
Why might diverse fields of work lend themselves to divergent internal cultures?
Picture a business you may want to initiate one day. What are some questions you could ask that might help you get a sense of the kind of culture and values you would erect inside the enterprise?
What is transformational leadership, and can you think of a kind of organization to which it might be well suited?
What is transactional leadership, and can you think of a kind of organization to which it might be well suited?

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