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Essay Question

Traditionally, sport has been seen to promote positive character development and psychological well-being. Recent research in sport psychology is however, starting to suggest that this might not always be the case. With regard to ONE of the following:
•    transition from junior athlete to senior professional athlete,
•    athletic retirement,
•    athlete addiction,
•    athletic burnout,
and with critical reference to relevant stress literature and current sport psychology research, consider how sport might have a negative impact on an athlete’s well-being.

Essay Marking Criteria

To help you ensure that you are achieving your upmost within this assignment, please consider the Department’s grading criteria/classification system and the following factors when writing this essay.

?    Extensive reference to current sport psychology/mainstream psychology research, i.e. journal material and not basic text books or web-sites.  Extensive means using at least 12-15 journal articles.  This does not mean summarising a particularly good review article/reading the abstract and pretending that you have read the 12-15 articles cited!! I will know!!!

?    A mature, academic writing style that demonstrates a critical understanding of the research cited.

?    The development and presentation of a critical, reasoned and logical structured discussion which specifically addresses the scenario set.

?    Detailed attention to presentation, e.g. grammar, spelling, and referencing style (both in text and within the reference section). Please see the ‘Academic Writing Advice & Feedback Sheet’ on the first section of this module’s Moodle page for further advice and assistance.

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