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  1. Answer the following two questions about translating the customers’ requirements (VOC) into the observable process requirements or indicators (VOP).
    a) Download the HCAHPS survey from the CMS website (https://hcahpsonline.org/globalassets/hcahps/survey-instruments/mail/effective-december-1-2021-and-forward-discharges/2021_survey-instruments_english_mail_updateda.pdf). Select five questions from the first 14 questions that are NOT Yes/No questions. Develop an indicator for each questionnaire item.
    b) Why do organizations need indicators? Why not use the exact, same measures as those used in patient surveys?
  2. Think of a quality problem that you have experienced and answers the following questions related to the problem.
    a) Describe the problem.
    b) Construct a cause-and-effect (fishbone) diagram showing the potential causes of the problem. Your diagram should include at least three major categories (e.g., people, methods, materials, measurement, environment, equipment) and six specific causes, and the causes should be clearly stated. See Figure 4.11 on page 148 for an example.
    c) Provide/create data for the number of occurrences of the problem causes you identified in part b and develop a Pareto diagram to prioritize the causes. Make sure your diagram shows all the causes (not the major categories). See Figure 4.12 on page 150 for an example.
    d) Make recommendation(s) to address the major cause of the problem as identified by your Pareto chart in part d (the cause that has the highest percentage of occurring).
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