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Paper details:
To Begin, read Chapter 1 (Communication – What and Why) of your textbook, which begins on page 2. Spend at least 45 minutes reading. Yes, you should do
this as it is the basis for this assignment.
Paragraph 1 (20 points)
The first paragraph should describe who you are to your classmates. You should tell us at least 5 items of information about yourself. For instance, consider
sharing your life status, hobbies, interests, pursuits, goals, and what communication skills you want to improve from taking this course.
Even though this discussion board is primarily about Chapter 1, it may help to read the first few pages of Chapter 3 (beginning on page 50) to learn about
ways to describe your self-concept or who you are.
Paragraph 2 (20 points)
Take the brief quiz entitled “What Type of Communicator are You?” on page 18 of your textbook. Describe why you agree or disagree with your results. Is
there anything you would like to change in the way you communicate based upon your results?
Link to text book
It’s name is
Understanding Human Communication
Ronald B. Adler

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