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Read the article (study) titled “Vitamin A supplements and mortality related to measles: a randomized
clinical trial” (Barclay et al., 1987), and then answer the following questions.

Q1- Did the author use single or double title? and where was the study conducted?
Q2- What was the purpose of the study?
Q3- Re-write the research objective in the form of research question?
Q4- Re-write the research objective in the form of research hypothesis?
Q5- What was the type of study (study design)? Choose all that applies
a) Observational b) Quantitative c) Experimental d) Randomized control trial
Q6- What was the independent variable?
Q7- What is the classification of the independent variable? a) categorical, b) continuous, or c) ordinal?
Q8- What was the dependent (outcome) variables?
Q9- Patients were allocated into two groups, what are the names of these groups? And how many
subjects were in each group?

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