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Identifying Risks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities in an IT Infrastructure Using Zenmap® GUI (Nmap) and Nessus® Reports.

This is a paper lab, the writer needs to complete section one and section two of the lab. Please provide two separate documents for section one and two. See attached document for full instructions.

Use the attached document (Lab instructions 0329) to complete section one, and then answer the below questions for section two. Please provide 2 different documents, lab report for section one following the attached template, and lab assessment questions and answers for section 2. Section one can be 4 pages, and section 2 can be just one page, or however the writer can manage the pages. Please use the provided template for section one, very important.

SECTION 2 – Lab Assessment Questions & Answers

1. Describe the purpose of a Zenmap® GUI (Nmap) report and Nessus® report?
2. Review the Lab 5 Nmap Scan Report. On page 6, what ports and services are enabled on the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance device?
3. Review the Lab 5 Nmap Scan Report. On page 6, what is the source IP address of the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance device?
4. How many IP hosts were identified in the Lab 5 Nessus Vulnerability Scan Report? List them.
5. When you identify a known software vulnerability, where can you go to assess the risk impact of the software vulnerability?
6. Define CVE.
7. Explain how the CVE search listing can be a tool for security practitioners and a tool for hackers.

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