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Christians were persecuted for two centuries because they refused to participate in the Imperial Cult of Rome. Eventually, they won over other faiths that were competing with them and persecuting them by holding out hope, being allegiant, equal, and the urge to belong. Christianity required its followers to be allegiant and to give up all the other religions. It demanded the believers follow one creed that could not be changed (Schaff,2022). It was also open to everyone, either a servant or its master, white or black, etc. The believers were given hope for a better life in heaven even though the life they led then was full of challenges.

The rise of Christianity contributed to the fall of Rome. Christianity allowed anyone and everyone to be part of it. Therefore, when the emperor from Rome joined in, it contributed a lot to the decline of its persecution of Christian (Neupane, 2019). When a religion allows everyone to be part of it, people will join because they believe that they are equal before the eyes of their maker. It will make them confident that their prayers will be answered like everyone else. Equality in religion assures both the ruler and their citizen that their prayers will be answered accordingly and not because of their status.

Christians today need to be firm on their faith even with the changing technology and cultures. It can contribute to the economy by providing funding, donations, and forming welfare groups. It needs to be abreast of technological advancements so that it can know how to reach people. They can offer virtual services and counseling. Adjusting to the new ways of life will enable them to reach many people who might think that religion is outdated because they cannot keep up with the changes that are happening.

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