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1. Introduction:
• General background, business profile and context (name, location, size, experience identify, brand management, capacity, etc.) of the company you are consulting to ensure a reader has the same perspective with the writer.
• Product/ service specification (features, quality, price, brand, image, sample and design).
• Industry overview in the UK
• Theoretical explanations and justifications export as market entry strategy.
• Industry/ business sector analysis (Porter’s Five forces)/ SWOT analysis.
• Provided the background and business profile of the company (size, experience, location, brand and identify)

2 Business and Market environment Analysis:
• Macro Environment Analysis (PESTEL/PEST) about the target market.
• Your analysis of the Porter’s five forces (with valid and relevant data, examples and evidence).
• Identify competitors, their market share
• Make sure specific data, examples and evidence are provided.

3. Market Segmentation and Distribution Channel:
• Identified specific customer segmentation (age, geography, demography, gender, income etc.
• Consideration of agent, distributor and wholesaler.
• Provide a clear distribution channel demonstrating how to reach this targeted customer.
• Make sure specific data, examples and evidence are provided.

4. Practical, technical and technological considerations:
• Means or source of finance (cash flow).
• Logistics (warehouse, transportation, product handling, labeling, packaging palletisation containerization, partial).
• Terms of trade(method of payment, currency, time scale, Inco terms)
• Process and procedure (quotation, pricing, sourcing, invoicing, time scale).
• Documentation (Preformat invoice, commercial invoice, bill of loading packaging list, certificate of origin)
• Means of transportation and shipment( air, land water)
• Risk and insurance
• Support and advice
• Make sure specific data, examples and evidence are provided

5. Conclusion

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