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You are pretending to create a lesson on the formalist approach.
When critiquing the movie scene attached FOCUS ON HOW THE COLOURS OF THE VIDEO EXPLAIN THE MOOD SADNESS (this is the whole point of the script)
Introduce the movie scene
critique the scene while using literary devices, rhetorical devices, methods of development and camera angles.
explain how the scene demonstrates sadness with blue and grey colors.
Explain how the scene uses sadness to connect to formalist approach.
correctly and effectively demonstrate the ability to apply the formalistic approach to texts and media.
explain how media is created to suit particular purposes and audiences.
interpret media, identifying and explaining the overt and implied messages they convey (sadness).
evaluate how effectively information, ideas, themes, issues, and opinions are communicated in media, including increasingly complex or difficult texts, and decide whether the texts achieve their intended purpose.
identify conventions and/or techniques used in a variety of media forms and explain how they convey meaning and influence their audience.
Rhetorical devices are techniques that an author or speaker uses to convey to the listener or reader a meaning, with the goal of persuading him or her towards considering a topic from a different perspective.
Rhetoric and methods of rhetorical development are a key element of looking at the FORM of a piece.
Here is an ESSENTIAL HANDOUT on RHETORICAL DEVICES. Consider these devices as you examine the media. This approach emphasizes the FORM of a literary work to determine its meaning
This approach focuses on literary elements and devices and how they work to enhance the overall meaning of the media
this approach focuses on the media and the EFFECTS the literary elements have on the overall theme (sadness) and meaning of the work
When analyzing a media piece, the focus would be on, colour and how they are used effectively to create meaning and link to the overall message of the piece.
This CAMERA ANGLES NOTE will help you when dissecting media pieces.
The script NEEDS to be 7 minutes in length.
reflect on your experience creating the script:
Consider the process, organization, and time management
Consider the content, your comfort with the subject matter, previous understanding, and preparedness.
Consider the final product you were able to create.

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