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Zinn, Howard, A People’s history of the United States

” In what ways could it argued that Jefferson’s ascension to the presidency represented — as he insisted — a ‘return to the revolutionary principles of’76’?”

In preparing your thoughts, your reading of the Jeffersonian Ascendancy and your readings on the political turmoil of the 1790s will serve as an essential basis for understanding Jefferson’s ideological / political concerns: his struggles with Hamilton and the Federalists over the decade offer a way of understanding Jefferson’s vision of the ‘good republic.’ Policies Jefferson pursued as President should be used to consider whether and in what ways he was successful in reshaping the Republic: Did he enhance opportunities for ordinary White men? Did he limit the powers of the executive branch and federal government? Was he a protector of indigenous rights? Did he challenge the institution of slavery? Was he able to break up the Hamiltonian system?

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