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The inverse market demand and supply functions

  Consider a good for which the inverse market demand and supply functions are given by PD(q) = 1 − 2q, PS(q) = 3q. a) Please compute the competitive equilibrium (price and quantity). 2 b) What is the consumer surplus? What the producer surplus? Indicate the...

Behavioral targeting

      Define behavioral targeting and explain how it works on websites and on advertising networks. Is it ok for ecommerce companies to do this? Do you consider this an invasion of privacy?

Advertising Functions

  The influence of advertising in everyday life is greater than many people realize. This is because the effects of advertising often work in subtle ways, to the point that many people do not even realize they are being marketed to after encountering...

Market Research

    Imagine that you are at the head of an insect-based snacks company based in Belgium which has been up and running successfully for several years. Until now, your products have always been sold in plastic packaging. However, consumers, the government and...

Principles of marketing

  Explain why it is important for marketers to understand how customers make purchasing decisions. Identify the factors that would influence how and why someone would purchase a laptop or a new home? What is the most important factor in your opinion?  ...

Marketing a Product

  During this course you will be working on several elements which lead to the completion of a Marketing Plan. Write a 2-3 page paper. (Note: The Venn diagram should be located on a second or third page and can be any size as long as the instructor can see all...
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