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Fitness Principles for Sports Officials

      Part II: Create a healthy diet plan for an official to stay in optimal condition. Your response should include meal plans for two weeks. Serving sizes and meal time-spans should be specified in accordance with suggestions for optimal health...

Designer Water

  Does Designer Water Have Nutritional Benefits? Supermarket shelves seem to be loaded with bottles touting the benefits of “smart” water. You can find water with vitamins, water with electrolytes, water for energy, and even water for a good night’s sleep. Sales...

Planning Nutrition Therapy for a Complex Pediatric Patient

  Imagine that you are a nutrition assistant working at a pediatric rehabilitation center. This rehabilitation center provides care for pediatric patients who are recovering from recent hospitalizations. This facility is considered to be the bridge between...

D&W+ Track Your Diet,

    No. 1 Instructions: Record your daily food intake and beverage intake using the Diet & Wellness Plus app. Use the Assignment on Reuben Ward as an example. You need to write down everything you eat and drink and their AMOUNTS for 24 hours. For...

Food Handling Environments

  Essential to your development as a food professional is experiential-learning. Along with your experiences you must also reflect on what you learned and reflect on your own thoughts about that learning (metacognition). Therefore, this assignment is to submit a...
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