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The writing of Phillis Wheatley

    What issues or concerns are featured in the writing of Phillis Wheatley? Analyze her poems in light of major themes or issues they features (i.e. religion, art, slavery, women’s roles) or compare one of more features of her poetry to the work of another...

Review of Storm of Steel and poems by Siegfried Sassoon

  Describe the documents briefly. These two documents (a memoir; a collection of poems) are different in form, but they are both pieces of literature and both deal with the experience of soldiers in World War I. What does Storm of Steel tell us about Ernst...

Figure de styles

        What are the Figure de styles in this poem and their proves? Le voyageur – (A mon père) Las d’avoir visité mondes, continents, villes, Et vu de tout pays, ciel, palais, monuments, Le voyageur enfin revient vers les charmilles Et...
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